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Check things for curses before you pick them up and play with them. Ed Greenwood : It has been said that most merchants die not of lawbreaking or lack of coin but of running afoul of a cabal—one they belong to, two or more they belong to that end up having conflicting aims or activities, or just one they happen to be in the way of. But vampires have helped travelers and battlefield survivors.

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Liches have trained, advised, or chatted amiably with adventurers. Skeletons have marched out of crypts in besieged cities to snatch up children — their descendants — and bear them to safety.

Canon:Forgotten Realms

The great paladin Ralgorax, the "Sword of Tyr" Ed's player : aboleths [ THEN they become fun indeed. Especially if they tangle with illithids or alhoon trying to do the same thing.

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A campaign can become conspiracy-theory-hell for PCs! Ed Greenwood : "One cannot truly feel the Divine Dance of Eilistraee PROPERLY except as a female, and so her still very rare, few, and generally secretive about it male priests must spend some time as a female not just for the duration of a ritual, but they must do some everyday living as a female. Elminster : And now, look ye, that rascal, rogue, and jackanapes Ed of the Greenwood's been at it again — passing on precious lore words I spoke in confidence, mind ye to folk at TSR , who've promptly published it for all to view.

Has he no shame? Pages from the Mages , introduction. Several well-known mages in cities up and down the Sword Coast sell complex spell disguises for 1, gp per layer, with the simplest having eight layers and most running to at least double that for use by wizards who dare not attend a Mage Fair as themselves. Wizards of any age or accomplishment seem to acquire enemies, or at least unscrupulous rivals, as easily as most of us breathe.

Lady Laurlaethee Shaurlanglar That moonwine you drained oh so elegantly was laced with enough srindym to kill a dozen overambitious human magelings. Elminster Aumar : Well, that's certainly blunt enough. Being a thirsty beast — and one of course quite devoid of proper manners, I wonder if I might have some more of this excellent wine. I believe the srindym improves it somewhat. Ilsensine : There are so many gods worshiped in that world it's hard to keep track of them all. We wouldn't be surprised to find they have a god there with dominion over the tableware and ale mugs.

Finder's Bane. Ed Greenwood via THO : ALWAYS remember that except for fanatics, clergy, or the oppressed such as, many drow in cities dominated by Lolth-worship , all intelligent beings in the Realms worship — if only in appeasement — many deities. A small handful of the populace less than five percent dedicates themselves to one god above all others. Ed Greenwood via THO Just as a real-world sick person who has access and the resources to do so can and will consult more than one doctor. Lady Evendusk : we'd better work as hard as we can to see that Eltargrim is still our Coronal, and not [ They may consider humans and the like no better than snakes and ground-slugs, but they look upon the rest of us elven Cormanthans as no better than cattle.

For one thing, doing so is illegal in most circumstances, unless royal permission is received and Azoun wasn't in the habit of freely giving it. To say nothing of nobility in Marsember and Arabel, with a goodly part of the commoners in those places backing them to the proverbial hilt, who are watching for excuses to rebel or protest or demand War Wizard or Crown powers be stripped away. I'll be all right. The City of Waterdeep Trail Map The Dalelands Cormyr Shadowdale Tantras Waterdeep Ruins of Adventure Players Handbook 3 books 2.

Players Handbook II 5. Monster Manual II 6. Monster Manual III 7. Monster Manual IV 8.

Series: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

Monster Manual V 9. Monsters of Faerun Spell Compendium Magic Item Compendium Rules Compendium Complete Divine Complete Arcane Complete Warrior Complete Scoundrel Complete Adventurer Lord of Madness Libris Mortis Book of Exalted Deeds Heroes of Horror Heroes of Battle Tome of Magic Tome of Battle Planar Handbook Races of the Wild Races of Stone Races of Destiny Epic Level Handbook 3.

Weapons of Legacy 3. Planar Handbook 3. Arms and Equipment guide 3. Fiend Folio 3.

Heroes of Battle

Book of Vile Darkness 3. Miniatures Handbook Tome of Battle: The book of nine swords Stronghold Builders Guidebook 3. Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons Book of Challenges 3. An adventure, Scepter Tower of Spellgard , was also released in September and can be used in combination with the adventure in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide to start a Forgotten Realms campaign.

In his book, The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible , Sean Patrick Fannon describes the Forgotten Realms as being "the most ambitious fantasy game setting published since Tekumel ", [1] and that it "may be the most widely played-in game setting in RPG history". Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Forgotten Realms third edition logo. This article is based on material by: TSR, Inc.

Contents [ show ]. Forgotten Realms Campaign Set.

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TSR, Inc. Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms.

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Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Wizards of the Coast.

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Demihuman Deities. Faiths and Pantheons. Wizards of the Coast , Retrieved on November 30, Running the Realms , p. Archived from the original on Retrieved Greenwood Publishing Group.

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